Virtual Programming Staffs

We specialize in the deployment of both .NET and PHP teams, as well as, assembling teams with domain expertise in back office operations. We manage the day-to-day, handle payroll and HR functions. We do the housekeeping and provide the adult supervision. For all practical purposes, the members of your Virtual Staff are your employees. We do not reassign them or use them for any other task without your written permission. They are your dedicated people.

We know what we are doing. Here is some free advice. Do NOT outsource your Project Manager. Why? Too many decisions are made around the water cooler or over coffee in your offices. This critical give-and-take is lost when you outsource your Project Manager to us or anyone else. The result is a failure to communicate and headaches for everyone involved. If you want to succeed in outsourcing, then keep your Project Manager in-house.

To make sure your Virtual Staff is selfishly committed to your success, we drill into all of them the concepts behind free enterprise. Your Virtual Team knows, if they do not help you succeed, then Mynd ends up off your payroll and they end up without a job. Your success is their success.

Finally, our approach is based on years of experience. We have been doing this since 2006. Our approach has worked for companies in both Europe and the US. When the time is right, we can provide you with plenty of references and testimonials.


Virtual Assistants (VA)


If you need Virtual Assistants (long or short term), we can help. We will assign a dedicated VA to your account. You work with your VA via phone, Skype or email. Your VA has access to an entire team of resources to make sure all your tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

Have a single task that you want carried out? Contact us with the details of the task, including the time frame, the man-hours needed and the necessary skills involved. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Use the Contact Us form on the right to let us know exactly what you need.

Social Media Management

Everyone is a social media guru today. We also fall into that category. The big difference between us and some experts is… we have people doing this every day. Day in and day out. We can help you develop a strategy or we can take the strategy developed by another social media guru and do the dirty work to make it happen.

We have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work. Let us help you.

BuddyPress: Private Labeled Social Networks

Over the years we have built literally hundreds of private labeled social networks for some of the largest non-profits in the world. Some succeeded. Some failed. For those that failed, for the most part, we know why or we can guess why. For those that succeeded, we think we know why, but it is a little too complicated to explain here. One thing in common with all of them is they were built upon proprietary systems, leaving the customer with less control than they deserve.

We no longer create social networks on proprietary systems. With the release of BuddyPress 1.7, we have changed our focus and philosophy. Hands down… BuddyPress is now the best platform available anywhere for building private labeled social networks. Whether you have an affinity group or just wish to bring the power of social media in-house for use by your employees, BuddyPress is the right choice. Why?

It is open source, which is a techie way of saying you are ultimately in control. No vendor can hold you hostage. You can even run it behind your firewall if needed. And, if BuddyPress does not do exactly what you want it to do… then you can code around it with a plug-in.

Here is a reason to choose BuddyPress that will make our marketing department have a heart attack. If Mynd does not deliver. If we slip on deadlines or support, you can fire us. There are thousands of BuddyPress developers who could take our place. Try firing a Ning programmer and see how far you get.

Because of that last paragraph, Mynd’s marketing people insist we tell you the following.

We bring the experience and the programming skills to build you a private labeled social network that WILL work. We know what works and doesn’t work. We know how to integrate with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. And, unlike some, we are smart enough not to try and replace Facebook and Twitter. Instead, we co-opt them to make them work for you. Use the Contact Us form to the right and ask us to explain that one.

Android for BuddyPress

Have you built a BuddyPress community. Hire us to build an Android version to support your community. The future is mobile and you may discover a mobile version of your community is far more active than your web version.The future is mobile. Let us help your BuddyPress community get there.


We know WordPress inside out. We can build from scratch, migrate an existing site or fix a broken one. If WordPress doesn’t have a feature you want, we can write a plug-in to fix.that. Use the Contact Form on the right to let us know what you need done.

At long last… the bottomline… trust.

Outsourcing is all about finding someone you can trust. We will be happy to share our references. You will find our clients believe us, trust us and find us a dependable business partner. Tell us what you are looking for and we will give you our best feedback.

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